How It All Started

Several years ago when I was offering therapy in my private practice, I came to realize that so many of my clients were women in the middle stage of their life, taking about the same kinds of problems. Feeling like they weren't sure what they were doing in this stage of their life. Feeling burned out on parenting and work. Wishing they took better care of themselves. Wishing they didn't feel so alone in it all. 

Meanwhile, I went through a series of my own personal crises - recovering from addiction and cancer, parenting twins, and trying to hold my marriage together.  I had been in therapy for years, but I started to get more curious about the mind-body connection. That led me to study yoga and Ayurveda, energy medicine and coaching.

It took me a minute, but I finally realized that I had to do something different with my work. I couldn't sit in my therapist chair and not be helping my clients in a more effective way. I knew I wanted to offer them a solution to their challenges that was more than just talking. 

I started teaching a daily self-care routine to a group of women and now nearly 5 years later over 100 women have been through that program. 

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