Belong To You: American Detox Book Study

For far too long, wellness and personal development spaces have been dominated by cultural norms and practices that cater to some and exclude others. (Just look at your typical yoga studio.) You might be aware of the discrepancies in access and availability. You may feel some discomfort about it and wonder what you can do. Or perhaps you've never noticed, but are ready to learn. 

This book study is for people who are committed to their personal growth and wellness AND who want to explore how to create a world where well-being is available to all people - regardless of their race, gender, income, religion, sexual orientation, ability, etc. 

NOTE: 50% of your registration fee will be distributed to mehfil, a trans/queer collective, which is raising money to bring 8 organizers (6 are queer & trans) to Mexico for a heart-healing, profound yoga immersion. Learn more here. 

To be in reflection and conversation with you about where we've been misled by the wellness industry, who gets to be well in our country, and what we can do to move toward collective well-being rather than only personal wellness. I am not an expert. I am simply willing to be transparent about my learning and curious about our collective healing. 


  • A thoughtful and curious human who is aware we live in an inequitable and unjust world. 
  • Committed to learning and growing and understand the value of doing so in community. 
  • Open and ready to do your part to reimagine a type of wellness that works for everyone. 

I identify as a white, able-bodied, cis-gendered, queer exploring, middle-class, college-educated woman. I am a social worker, life coach and parent of two teens. I am on my own liberation journey. I predominately speak to and work with white people, particularly women. As such, my writing, teaching, and coaching are often geared toward this population.

If you hold identities that include non-white, you are more than welcome to join us - but please take good care of yourself as the conversations that occur in this learning space may be difficult to be a part of. If you have any questions about this, please reach out at

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