Design Your Year Workshop 2023

Design Your Year Workshop

A New Year is here! 

Let's live this year with intention and purpose.

With the Design Your Year Workshop, you will: 
✨  Get clear about what matters to you
✨  Set meaningful intentions
✨  Create action steps to accomplish your goals
✨  Live your life with purpose and meaning

This workshop is both intuitive and practical.

The process will leave you feeling grounded and organized for 2023. 

You don’t have to be a “planner” to get something out of this. The process alone is illuminating and inspiring. 

You’ll leave with a clear direction for 2023 and the steps to get you there. 

The Design Your Year Workshop includes video lessons, a workbook, and resources for: 

✨  Reflecting and Visioning

✨  Goal Setting and Planning

✨  Accountability and Support


"I absolutely love the reflection and visioning process. I felt creative and inspired as I listened to my intuition. I had several ah-ha moments and feel really good about my direction for the year ahead."
"I'm so glad I made the time and space to actually do this work. Your coaching and experience were instrumental in helping me see what I need to do this year. Thank you for guiding me and making it so applicable and action based."
"The platform you are using to host the materials, recordings and  resources is awesome. I love that we can go back and review it throughout the year."

To hear about previous participants experiences, click here. (Link coming soon!)

About Lael:

Lael is a social worker and life coach who believes you are already awesome and it's time to share it with the world.

In this recorded workshop,  Lael will guide you through a process to tap into your deeper desires and create a step-by-step plan for making them happen.

Maybe you want to go big! Maybe you want to grow deep.

The Design Your Year workshop will help you create your personal plan for 2023. 

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5 Modules

Workshop Details

How to prepare for this self-guided workshop.

Creating Your 3-Year Vision

If you missed it in the previous module, here's the 3-Year Vision video lesson. 


Tools and resources to design your year and stay accountable to your goals. 

Workshop Recording

Access the workshop recording here.

Modules for this product 5
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